Alex Davies Waruingi Mbugua - Four Reasons to Consider a Job in Manufacturing

As an assembly technician for a health-aware food processing company based in New York City, Alex Davies Waruingi Mbugua understands the value of a manufacturing job in the United States. As a team lead in his department, he knows that high-quality service is a direct product of passionate workers, and he is aware that the following reasons make a career in manufacturing a worthy choice:

Positions in manufacturing often offer numerous opportunities to move up in a company. Remaining a consistent and diligent worker who is committed to deepening the experience and advancing to new challenges often opens up new job options. For those looking to go into management, manufacturing positions are an excellent way to begin showing leadership and the desire to strive for new challenges.

Those in the manufacturing industry have the privilege of seeing the fruits of their labor. Being able to hold something in your hand that you in part are responsible for brings a tangible satisfaction to the work process. Whether it’s an airplane or a can of soup, you can be proud of the product that you helped create.

In manufacturing, the job possibilities are endless. There are numerous opportunities to match your passions to the products that you help create. Manufacturing companies are diverse entities with multiple moving parts, and it’s even possible to move into different types of work, such as human resources or sales in order to advance.

Alex Davies Waruingi Mbugua hopes to hold a management position one day in his company.


Alex Davies Waruingi Mbugua - Choosing the Right Football Team for You

As a youth football coach and avid fan, Alex Davies Waruingi Mbugua knows that choosing the right team for you can be an intimidating venture when you don’t know where to begin, especially if you’re new to the game. However, there are a variety of methods to choose a favorite team that you will continue to love and support over time, such as the following:

  • Many fans choose to support the team of the region or city where they grew up. Even as people relocate throughout their lives, there’s often something special about the team that represents your roots. It can be a bonding experience with friends and family, and even if you’re living far away, it’s a small piece of home that you can connect with.
  • Oftentimes fans choose to support the team that their parents support. No matter the reason that the parent originally chose the team in the first place, it can often be seen as a way to support family time and bonding. Although, having a healthy competition between family members supporting different teams can liven up the environment.
  • Some fans specifically choose to support the underdog. While cheering for popular teams that typically win the majority of their games is fun, it’s a different experience to cheer for a team where the win really means something special, a feat that fans might not see very often.

Alex Davies Waruingi Mbugua is an assembly technician at a New York-based food processing company. He supports his youth athletes to play for the love of the game.


Alex Davies Waruingi Mbugua - A Focus on Healthy, Beautiful Food

Alex Davies Waruingi Mbugua, an assembly technician based with a highly esteemed food processing company in New York, knows that the food his company distributes helps support healthy families across the United States and beyond. With a passion for producing both nutritious and cost-effective products, he is dedicated to the idea that everyone deserves a little gourmet in their lives. He knows that there are steps that can be taken daily to support good nutrition, such as the following:

Always check the ingredients list on the products you buy. Choosing items with wholesome ingredients that include minimal preservatives and low sugar is one simple step to drastically improve your overall health. Many companies slip in ingredients that are unnatural and simply unsafe, and they can be avoided entirely.

Be prepared. Have lots of fresh fruits and vegetables on hand at all times for quick, easy snacks. Though everyone needs to indulge every once in a while, having produce already washed and prepared for munching makes it a lot easier during a busy day to get your daily dose of fiber. Consider spending one day per week on meal prep to ensure that you have healthy, home-cooked meals each day to avoid heading out for fast food after a long day on the job.
Instead of going heavy on the salt, introduce new spices into your cooking that will liven up your meals without causing any undue harm.

Alex Davies Waruingi Mbugua enjoys healthy cooking in his spare time. He is proud to work for a company that values high-quality ingredients.

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